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    Whether tresillo was directly transplanted from Cuba, or if the habanera merely reinforced tresillo-like "rhythmic tendencies" already present in New Orleans music is probably impossible to determine. It is reasonable to assume that tresillo-based rhythms were performed in Congo Square by Caribbean slaves. There are examples of tresillo-like rhythms in a few African American folk musics such as the foot stomping patterns in ring shout and the post-Civil War drum and fife music. [14] Tresillo is also heard prominently in New Orleans second line music.

    So in summary, whatever you spent for Mel’s Mix, for all of your boxes, divide that by 10, and that’s what it costs every year and with no work, no digging, no kidding. That’s a bargain.

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    The Meters : A Message From The Meters: The Complete Josie, Reprise & Warner Brothers Singles 1968-1977 (2CD) (Real Gone Music)

    However, with an able body while in the aforementioned quest, Dave can perform large number of complicated tasks and take on fights, as he defeated Sir Leye and dealt with sea slugs (albeit succeeding in both tasks through considerably unique methods) in order to pass training issued by Sir Tiffy Cashien and therefore was promoted as an elite white knight .

    The archaeologists define stone circles as being sites which do not contain burials and as such are thought to be purely ritual monuments. Sites such as the Nine Maidens site on Belstone common are considered to be cairn circles rather than stone circles. Some cairn circles are found terminating stone rows, good examples being those found at Down Tor and the 2 mile long double stone row on the Erme plain. Some of the cairn circles have multiple circles, the best examples being the four-fold cairn circles at Yellowmead and Shovel Down. Many of the monumental sites on Dartmoor were partially or totally reconstructed by the Dartmoor Preservation Committee in the early twentieth century. Fallen menhirs and ruined stone rows and circles were re-constructed with varying degrees of accuracy. The Scorhill and Grey Wethers stone circles are some of the best preserved examples.

    Dave Bartholomew New Orleans House PartyDave Bartholomew New Orleans House PartyDave Bartholomew New Orleans House PartyDave Bartholomew New Orleans House Party