Charles magnante his accordion and orchestra fiesta - Command Album Discography -

    LL1 Albert Belle
    LL2 Kevin Mitchell
    LL3 Wade Boggs
    LL4 Tony Gwynn
    LL5 Moises Alou
    LL6 Andres Galarraga
    LL7 Matt Williams
    LL8 Barry Bonds
    LL9 Frank Thomas
    LL10 Jose Canseco
    LL11 Jeff Bagwell
    LL12 Kirby Puckett
    LL13 Julio Franco
    LL14 Albert Belle
    LL15 Fred McGriff
    LL16 Kenny Lofton
    LL17 Otis Nixon
    LL18 Brady Anderson
    LL19 Deion Sanders
    LL20 Chuck Carr
    LL21 Pat Hentgen
    LL22 Andy Benes
    LL23 Roger Clemens
    LL24 Greg Maddux
    LL25 Pedro Martinez
    LL26 Paul O'Neill
    LL27 Jeff Bagwell
    LL28 Frank Thomas
    LL29 Hal Morris
    LL30 Kenny Lofton
    LL31 Ken Griffey Jr.
    LL32 Jeff Bagwell
    LL33 Albert Belle
    LL34 Fred McGriff
    LL35 Cecil Fielder
    LL36 Matt Williams
    LL37 Joe Carter
    LL38 Dante Bichette
    LL39 Frank Thomas
    LL40 Mike Piazza
    LL41 Craig Biggio
    LL42 Vince Coleman
    LL43 Marquis Grissom
    LL44 Chuck Knoblauch
    LL45 Darren Lewis
    LL46 Randy Johnson
    LL47 Jose Rijo
    LL48 Chuck Finley
    LL49 Bret Saberhagen
    LL50 Kevin Appier

    The Waldorf Music Hall label was started in 1953 or 1954 in Harrison, New Jersey, by Enoch Light. While Light served as General Manager, his business partners Casper Pinsker and Dick Davemos were also involved. Waldorf Music Hall released popular, jazz, rhythm and blues and gospel music. The Waldorf Music Hall Label was a budget record label. The 10 inch albums sold for 99 cents, and the 12 inch albums sold for $. Waldorf Music Hall records were sold exclusively in Woolworth stores. When Am- Par Records purchased all of the labels owned by Enoch Light in October 1959, they also acquired the Waldorf Music Hall catalog, although the label had probably stopped issuing albums prior to the purchase.

    There are a few interesting albums on Waldorf Music Hall for collectors. The two albums by the Deep River Boys 33-108 and 33-120 are sought out by gospel and R&B collectors. The most valuable album on the label is 33-136 New Orleans Blues which contains eight songs, six by the Royal Playboys.

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    Charles Magnante His Accordion And Orchestra FiestaCharles Magnante His Accordion And Orchestra FiestaCharles Magnante His Accordion And Orchestra FiestaCharles Magnante His Accordion And Orchestra Fiesta