Snot slaughterhouse - Ex-Employees Expose Planned Parenthood as a Big Scam.

    As effective as this food storage source seems, it could put your health at risk. There are certain types of bacteria that prefer low oxygen environments and will grow on foods that have been vacuum sealed. Knowing the dangers that these bacteria possess can help you avoid them and keep your food storage safe.

    An international co-production made by Brad Pitt's Plan B outfit, among others, Okja is Bong's biggest project yet. Shot in two languages and three countries (South Korea, the . and Canada) for a budget reportedly around $50 million, Okja boasts visual effects by Oscar-winner Erik-Jan De Boer and a sumptuous Panavision-style digital look courtesy of Darius Khondji, the French-Iranian cinematographer renowned for his repeat engagements with David Fincher, Michael Haneke and Woody Allen. It may be largely destined for small screen consumption, but it looked lavish and cinematic in Cannes.

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