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    After nine billion years of inactivity from either monitor, Pariah came up in his universe. Being the greatest scientist of all time, he sought to learn the secrets of the origin of the universe. Despite his universe's council's objections, he created an anti-matter cube with which he safely observed the origin of the universe. This origin is a giant hand reaching from an infinite abyss and forming a new universe. While observing this, the Anti-Monitor and The Monitor were freed and the Anti-Monitor converted the anti-matter into energy and used it to destroy Pariah's universe. After destroying this universe, he drained its energy once again and became even stronger. Along with this, the destruction of a positive matter universe caused the anti-matter universe to expand and make the Anti-Monitor even stronger. With this knowledge in hand, the Anti-Monitor set out to destroy all of the positive matter universes and, therefore, make himself as powerful as possible. During all of this, Pariah was alone for millions of years in his anti-matter chamber.

    In fact, it can be downright difficult to remember that at one point – back before the unexpectedly negative reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice joined a chain reaction of production shake-ups culminating in the hiring of Avengers -helmer Joss Whedon to rework and complete the film following the departure of credited director Zack Snyder owing to a family tragedy – Warner Bros was so confident in  Justice League’s prospects that it was planned as a two-part epic that would form a trilogy along with Batman v Superman itself.

    Anti Nowhere League WomanAnti Nowhere League WomanAnti Nowhere League WomanAnti Nowhere League Woman