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    The information on is NOT a replacement for medical advice or counseling. We strongly recommend that you or the person you care for discuss issues related to treatment with a clinician.

    The description of pediatric bipolar disorder put forth in The Bipolar Child bears slight resemblance to the real thing in adults. The book includes a parent questionnaire that lists 65 “symptoms,” most of them completely unrelated to bipolar disorder. A typical symptom that characterizes the book’s indifference to established diagnostic criteria is that bipolar-disordered kids, who “seem like magical children,” in the authors’ words, have difficulty waking up in the morning. Lots of children have trouble waking up in the morning; this has no bearing on whether they have bipolar disorder.

    Jeremy was 28 years old [2] when his parents agreed that he should stay with Albert Brown, whose treatment regimen was acceptable to Scientology doctrines. Jeremy had agreed that Brown might be able to help him, and was to leave in the afternoon of March 13, 2003. [6] That morning Don Perkins had to return from work briefly in order to settle an argument between Jeremy and his mother. Later Elli told Jeremy to take a shower, which he did. When he finished his shower, Jeremy found his mother in the kitchen talking on the phone. He retrieved a steak knife and attacked Elli as she spoke to her friend. According to a statement given to the police, Jeremy Perkins stated:

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    It wasn’t until some 20 years ago, however, that he became involved with what is believed to be the world’s first art residency program within a psychiatric hospital. Called Fifth Season, it was introduced at the Altrecht Mental Health Institute, a clinic located in the region of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1998.

    On the opposing side are die-hard anti-medication crusaders who try to persuade everyone, including those who really need meds, that they are globally unhelpful and globally harmful.

    cinema and nor for a long time, television. At night the wards were even more dismal, having very sparse incandescent gas lighting. Some of the sanitary spurs even had no hot water for washing.

    Bristol Lunatic Asylum took leisure activities for patients seriously. It was seen as part of supporting the patients to regain their health. They had a... Read more →

    Being able to offer services to patients that support them emotionally and spiritually — not just mentally and physically, as is the focus in traditional Western medicine — is especially critical for facilities that serve Canada's Indigenous people, said Robitaille.

    No Artist Psychiatric Consultations No 10 Sleep And Its DisordersNo Artist Psychiatric Consultations No 10 Sleep And Its DisordersNo Artist Psychiatric Consultations No 10 Sleep And Its DisordersNo Artist Psychiatric Consultations No 10 Sleep And Its Disorders