Iggy the stooges im sick of you - Album Releases : 1973

    Hola. Solo decirte que enhorabuena, una página con SOLO BUEN GUSTO, es impresionante. Acabo de descubrirla, en cunato pueda veo si puedo cooperar de algún modo. Mil gracias por esto.

    To this day my favorite server name is Qantas - a Unix server that Joel Spolsky has or used to have. Why Qantas? You'd have to ask Rainman.

    A bird that one does not readily associate with January is the fulmar petrel, or fulmar. It is a seabird that in summer nests on cliff ledges around the coast, where each pair has a single egg that rolls around without falling off. After that the birds go
    far out into the ocean. However, if one visits their ledges in January, one often finds that these are already starting to fill up with fulmars that have come back, long before other cliff birds such as puffins and guillemots return. Fulmars are easily recognisable, since these white birds, which only superficially resemble gulls, glide about on stiff, straight wings, and have distinctive nostrils at the top of their thick, stubby beaks. They go to and fro in front of the cliffs for hours on end, or drop down to the sea in squabbling flocks to attack a shoal of herrings, when you can hear their strange gruff cackling calls, otherwise heard only in summer.

    Iggy The Stooges Im Sick Of YouIggy The Stooges Im Sick Of YouIggy The Stooges Im Sick Of YouIggy The Stooges Im Sick Of You