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     · "A socko wacko weirdo rock concert." - WNBC TV"A musical that deals with mutating identity and time warps becomes one of the most mutated, time-warped ...

    But during Iversen's childhood, the people living near Rocky Flats had no idea that plutonium bomb components were being constructed so close to their homes — or that radioactive waste was leaking into the surrounding environment. The plant's day-to-day activities were highly secretive. So secretive, in fact, that Iversen's family didn't know what their neighbors who worked at the plant did for a living.

    Although not compulsory, you may find that during the Time Warp you are the only person in the audience not on your feet. Pop quiz , can you spot the virgin's in this photograph? Score one point if you said the two ladies in the foreground. Score a further two points if you spotted the people sat down in the second row. However if you said the guy in the striped shirt you score twenty points, see Dress section of previous page.
    The people in the above photograph are dancing the Time Warp. by simply following the rule: 'do what it says' you will also be able to participate in this famous dance. For example the phrase 'it's just a jump to the left' should be danced by jumping to the left. If you want to get up and boogie to the other songs, feel free to do so, remember though the Time Warp is the only dance that has set moves shown.

    For a full A4 version of the TimeWarp steps click here for a pdf file download

    Various The Rocky Horror Picture ShowVarious The Rocky Horror Picture ShowVarious The Rocky Horror Picture ShowVarious The Rocky Horror Picture Show