Accents on the run hes the one - faux thigh high tights : Target

    I wish I could like your comment a million times. I read somewhere that Oshiomole’s wife went as well. Since they are the agents of change, can they prove that Oshiomole paid from his pocket? Can they also prove that Buhari’s son was not sponsored with tax payers money? This is not even about PDP or opposition. There are questions that need to be asked and no one is asking them. Who is approving all this money being spent? Who is signing for them? Who is determining how much should be spent? Who is questioning the amount? I can’t imagine the amount of looting going on right now. We are being distracted by rubbish photo ops here and there. Shame!

    “I saw him at a gig once, and even offstage he was exuding an aura of creepy molesty smugness.” Yukio Mishima,

    Accents On The Run Hes The One