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    “Narcissistic supply” is their drug and they don't care who is pushing it, as long as it makes them feel good about themselves.

    A man’s sex drive is all wrapped up in his concept of manhood. When he feels like a man, he’ll want to make love. But if he doesn’t feel like a man, he won’t. And what does it take to not feel like a man? If he isn’t sure of who he is, isn’t sure of his purpose, and isn’t sure of his role, he could easily have no sex drive.

    Sometimes I think she doesn't love me as much as she did at the start of our relationship, though she always says she does. Astrology made me realize this is because she is less emotional and sensitive than I am. So now I look back and think perhaps I made things worse for myself sometimes. It's difficult to feel secure when you "need" to tell (and show) someone how much you love them, and they don't have that same need.

    I had been considering changing to one of the 14 other types of contraception , from the coil to the diaphragm, when I read about Natural Cycles, a natural family planning (NFP) method that works by calculating where you are in your cycle through the temperature readings you input. It then tells you whether or not you could get pregnant on that day. Berglund originally created it for her own use, having realised there was nothing very sophisticated on the market (most available apps, such as Clue, are basically period trackers).

    I was the one to say, “I don’t love you anymore,” that I wanted a divorce . Like Kimberly, my husband was surprised. It wasn’t that he didn’t know my deep unhappiness and dissatisfaction with our marriage ┬ábut maybe he hadn’t taken our previous conversations seriously enough . I think he’d been expecting a list of behaviors that he could work on. I couldn’t give him that list because I felt that if I did, he might work on them and then expect everything to be OK. I felt it would never be OK and to ask him to work on our relationship would be deceptive, holding out false hope.

    i honestly don't remember why I bought this, I guess I got carried away liking Katy's other scents.
    i get harsh floral and sour smelling on my skin. I don't get vanilla or coconut at all.

    STRONG smell of roses and green bamboo.

    Fun bottle i guess, i use it more for display, my bottle is still just about full, maybe i should give it away already.

    Obviously, there are gradations of narcissism. A little bit of narcissistic self-centredness is necessary. We are not talking about the necessity to meet your own needs here. We are talking about the narcissistic approach of treating people as a means to an end only. Full-blown narcissism is a personality disorder. If you are dealing with someone who loves you when “you do things right” and who stops loving you when you don’t, then you are dealing with narcissistic love, which really isn’t anything like unconditional love at all.

    I realize that mine was a very brief brush with one of these predators. Many victims are entrapped for years in a vicious, abusive relationship that is hell on earth to endure and to escape from. But perhaps my story will serve to point up the power of Psychopathic manipulation. It requires very little time, often only a matter of days, for the bond to be installed, for our minds to be transformed by means of the most brilliant and malevolent magic. My heart goes out to all of the victims who share my experience.

    Rare Moods Ive Got Love Closer To Your LoveRare Moods Ive Got Love Closer To Your Love