Twilight 22 in the spirit - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wikipedia

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    Pavement made five proper album-as-albums:  Slanted and Enchanted  (1992),  Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain  (1994),  Wowee Zowee  (1995),  Brighten The Corners  (1997) and  Terror Twilight (1999). Each has its own sound. Each has its own legend. But each of their official albums has a shadow album—and it’s usually as strong as the album that actually * did * come out. It’s time for the world to hear the albums Pavement could have made, if they’d been a little less ambitious about music and a little more ambitious about the music business. If they’d been the kind of band to sweat the legacy. But if they were that kind of band, would they have written so many great songs? Much less * these * great songs? No.

    Just a heads up – in the Wii U HD version (release 2016) – the directions are the inverse of what this guide says..kinda like the gamecube vs wii version of other things. So, the walkthrough says left, it’s actually right….and the map is inverted too…if you’re comparing to online images. Walkthrough is still amazing, and it’ll probably take forever to change all the directions in the text, so probably easier to just post a little note or something

    Twilight 22 In The SpiritTwilight 22 In The SpiritTwilight 22 In The SpiritTwilight 22 In The Spirit