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    China is seriously considering either greatly modifying or completely abandoning its “one child” policy because of its effects on the number of young persons, and population decline. France a while back instituted a generous and expensive system of financial support to families that have 2 or more births. Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and other countries are discussing and sometimes implementing similar child support programs.

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    Paul Downey became President and CEO of Serving Seniors in 1995 and has guided the agency’s innovative efforts to provide supportive services focused on keeping low-income seniors healthy and independent.  The agency serves over 580,000 nutritious congregate and home-delivered meals (breakfast and lunch) annually, 365 days per year, at 10 sites in San Diego County.

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    There are others who work mostly as trolls in the comment boxes. A man who calls himself Scott Rose actually threatened the life of Heritage scholar Ryan Anderson.

    The Mobile Market from the St. Louis Area Foodbank will be in Nashville on December 19 at 10 . at the Washington County Fairgrounds in the Commercial Building.  

    The movement at the state level of the United States to decriminalize various uses of marijuana-especially for “ medical” purposes- has accelerated in recent years. It will not be long before marijuana use for many purposes will be decriminalized in the great majority of states, and I also expect rapid expansion in the number of states that legalize marijuana for all recreational uses. It is much better for states rather than the federal government to decide about the legality of drug use since that would allow some states to continue to treat marijuana use as a criminal offense if they so wish. However, as Posner points out, it becomes harder for some states to criminalize marijuana use when the great majority of states have decriminalized it.

    The Washington County Board approved a controversial zoning change which allows a house to be built in an agriculturally zoned tract that was a former golf course in ...

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