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    Visit Amish Country in PA for a genuine Pennsylvania Amish experience. Guided tours reveal the Amish way of life in Lancaster County PA.

    Find a full line of Mennonite and Amish Furniture (all can be purchased as Unfinished Furniture) that can be custom built furniture for you and your home or office including Amish furniture for the family room , bedroom , entertainment room , mission furniture , game room and dining room and a large number of other wood furnishings.  Each Mennonite and Amish Furniture piece is built to our clients requirements and then is stained (or painted) and finished in one of our finishing shops. This gives our clients the opportunity to purchase custom furniture specifically for their home or to have the custom Amish Furniture built as Unfinished Furniture.

    The oldest Montana Amish community is found near the town of Rexford in Lincoln County.  Amish first settled here in 1974.  Despite its age, the community is small, at just a single congregation.  The area is commonly known and referred to as West Kootenai.

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