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    One well-known trick is to use a mono to stereo or stereo delay plug-in to introduce small delays in one or both sides of a stereo signal. Very short delays, of the order of a few milliseconds, aren't perceived as echoes or flams, but as changing the apparent position of the source signal. Try this effect on a kick drum and you will notice that with very small delays the drum appears to come from the side with less delay, because that is where the sound is coming from first. A very short delay in one channel of a stereo signal is not perceived as a delay, but as changing the position of the source signal within the stereo field. Once you get beyond 5ms of delay, the effect is less obvious, and if you go much beyond 15ms the ear will begin to distinguish the delayed signal as a separate sound, which isn't desirable. To help the steering effect, try reducing the level of the undelayed side and use the Mix control to make the effect even more subtle. Remember that you don't have to have either the delayed or the dry signal hard-panned.

    Stereo Somewhere In The NightStereo Somewhere In The NightStereo Somewhere In The NightStereo Somewhere In The Night