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    my jack bit my child  
    my 5year old Jack Russells is unneutered. we brought home another dog and the nightmare began. Two days later my two year old was playing with our knew … Peter Judd  
    Our 9 year old jack russel is losing the hair from the tip of his tail, what would cause this? Kate  
    Hi I have a 2 yr old jack russell terrier who is very fit and exercised everyday hes not over weight im always on ball so to speak on wat he eats but im … jack rusell mix with a weiner dog  
    I have 2 jack Russell mix and in the last 2wks they've been fighting to the blood why? Buddy's dad  
    Buddy is an eighteen yr old jack Russell . He has been in great health for his age. He has begun to have seizures. Usually coming out of sleep. He has … Lara  
    I have a jackrussle cross shih tzu and want to get a jack cross cavashon both female will it be ok jack russell has a cut between his toe  
    jack russell has a cut between his toe patterjack  
    my patterjack is 9 months old but very naughty should i let him upstairs to be more apart of the pack or not i do not trust him not to chew my kids things … Lyndsay  
    My Parsons Jack Russell terrier is five and as yet has not been spayed. The vets have told me that this is something I should do sooner rather than later … 12year old jack Russell recently started growling at everything  
    My jack Russell is a boy, fixed and i have never had problems w him. Recently he has started growling at me and my girl jack Russell and my boyfriend. … front paws facing outwards  
    i have a 6 month old jack russell, he walks and runs fine everything seems normal its just every now and again he stands with his front paws facing outwards. … pee is red....yes been to doctor  
    I know old age is good and some times it sucks. What do you think about the 13 year old 13 pound jack? ddwestphal [email protected]  
    I live in town and have a small lot. I had a 14yr old Jack Russel and we loved each other to death sadly I had to put him to sleep. I've had 4 back surgeries … Mr  
    Why won't my jack russel sit down, she's moving very slowly, What's wrong? getting a second dog  
    Hi, I have a very friendly 9 year old male Jack Russell. We are considering taking in a 1 year old female Jack Russell. What is the best way to introduce … poorly male jack  
    My jack russell is 17 and has gone off his food cant poo and being sick with water leaking from his back passage im fearing the worst at the moment i … Sheri  
    Hi, I adopted a Jack Russell (or so I was told) 3 years ago from an owner who no longer wanted him, he was 2 at the is absolutely beautiful and … Stop nipping at strangers  
    My 6 months old JRT is randomly nipping at strangers, any advice on how to stop this potentially dangerous behavior? A bit of background - we only got … Playing fetch  
    We have a rescue JR (young adult) that needs exercise. Our yard is fenced with split rail, so we have to keep her on a leash as she takes off at a dead … my jack russell and my baby  
    Hi I have a 2 year old rack russle cross and she is a very up and happy kind of dog full of energy and loves to play rough. I don't want to ever give her … Jack Russel Limping  
    2 days ago my 10 year old Jack Russell, Lola, randomly cried as she was sniffing around in my garden and she came back limping. Any idea what this may … 8 week old puppy shivering  
    My 8 week old Jr got his first jag yesterday and today he has been shivering and sleeping alot... Is this a side effect of the jag or should I be worried??? … Sleeping habits  
    Why does my jack russell sleep facing away from me? JAN EXALL  
    I have a 5 yr old JR who was a rescue dog. When I got her she was fed the same dry food as my old collie dog. Now she's on her own, I would like to feed … keeps being sickcould  
    my jackrustle keeps being sick could a ear infection be the probbling Click here to write your own.

    Around January 1876 Russell received a copy of Nelson Barbour's Herald of the Morning in the mail. Barbour was an influential Adventist writer and publisher. Russell telegraphed Barbour to set up a meeting. Barbour and John Henry Paton visited in Allegheny in March 1876 at Russell's expense so that he could hear their arguments, and compare the conclusions that each side had made in their studies. Russell sponsored a speech by Barbour in St. George's Hall, Philadelphia in August 1876 and attended other lectures by Barbour.

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