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    2018 may shape up to be a more politically volatile year than last. Numerous issues, from Obamacare to immigration reform, will shape the political showdown of 2018. Among those will[…]

    A few years ago, I felt a flash of tightness in my chest from anger as I was sitting down to do work I really didn't want to do. That was a wake-up call that I needed to delegate more tasks and focus on work that I actually enjoyed doing. The best part is that the assistant I hired was thrilled to be doing this type of work, so it was a huge win-win for both of us. - Pete Kennedy , Main Street ROI

    Young moved to Alaska in 1959, not long after it became a state. He eventually settled in Fort Yukon , a 700-person city on the Yukon River , seven miles above the Arctic Circle in Alaska’s central interior region. He made a living in construction, fishing, trapping and gold mining. He captained a tugboat and ran a barge operation to deliver products and supplies to villages along the Yukon River. He still holds his mariner's license. During the winter, he taught fifth grade at the local Bureau of Indian Affairs elementary school.

    Young Delegation Almost HomeYoung Delegation Almost HomeYoung Delegation Almost HomeYoung Delegation Almost Home