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    There is an uncompromising monotheism at the heart of the Islamic beliefs ( aqidah ) which is seen, from an Islamic standpoint, as distinguishing Islam from other major religions . [9] However, Tawhid is analogous to the monotheistic concept of God in Judaism as declared in the Shema Yisrael , the Jewish declaration of faith. Tawhid is also analogous to Christian Unitarianism adhered to by a minority of Christian denominations which reject a trinitarian position of God in Christianity , which is in contrast to most Christian faiths that ascribe to the Trinity (God as three persons in one being ; the Father , Son , and Holy Spirit ).

    “[In 1966] I wanted to record Pharoah Sanders for ABC. It took me two months to get approval to record him and no one wanted to spend any money”
    -Bob Thiele, Producer

    Pharoah Sanders TauhidPharoah Sanders TauhidPharoah Sanders TauhidPharoah Sanders Tauhid