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    Is it food? Some foods like bananas release histamine in the body. Too much histamine in the body causes hives. I eat a lot of bananas so I ditched them. I then ditched other histamine releasing foods. But I kept getting hives. After 5 weeks I could not make any strong correlation. Everyone had their ideas but I knew deep down that everyones ideas were all wrong.

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    Friday, December 12, 2008 9:02 PM
    Country_of_Remedy: usa
    Name: carolyn
    Ingredients: **Extra Strength H-Balm**
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    antibacterial neosporine
    Instructions: Hi, Lately I have been getting massive cold sores and have tried many of the remedies on this website. The nail polish has worked wonders for me in the past but my friends gave me allot of flack for putting nail polish remover on my face and I got extremely sick of the smell! Anyways, I woke up yesterday morning and felt the bump!! I iced it for about an hour and took 2 500mg Lysine tabs every few hours-3500mg total, plus a gulp of apple cider vinegar and ALLOT of water throughout the day. In the mean time I looked on this site for new ideas and saw the one about Emu oil. I went to my local Whole Foods to buy some, but they don\'t carry it. So I looked in the cold sore section and found a small bottle of stuff called H-Balm. Its 100% natural, and contains organic essential oils. They also have another bottle called H-Balm daily-which is what I bought, Its a little pricey-about 20$, but I\'m willing to try anything! So I went home and applied it, It smells really good-flowery, then I looked it up on the internet. Its used for genital herpes and cold sores and had allot of positive comments. My soon to be full blown cold sore was starting to swell so I kept icing it...while doing my research I realized I should have bought extra strength H-balm, not the H-balm daily-well this is a good product to have around too. It suppresses the virus when you don\'t have an outbreak. Just apply daily to the spot you would normally get a cold sore. I wanted immediate relief so I went back to the store and exchanged for the extra strength H-Balm (whole foods has a good exchange/return policy). I raced back home because the blisters where about to surface on my lip!!! I drenched my lip with the stuff-I held a Q-tip to the spot for at least 10 minutes. The stuff starts to tingle a little but it won\'t hurt, and again it smells good. After a half hour or so there was a huge change! The blisters never surfaced or popped-they seemed to fade away! I kept reapplying until I went to bed. I also put some antibacterial neosporin on my lips around the sore because they were getting chapped. I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night and reapplied. When I woke up my lip was a little swollen but my cold sore was only slightly visible. I put more on all day-about every hour and half and took 1000mg of Lysine. Now there is a small patch of yellowish scab under the skin, which you can hardly see!! This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I am so excited I have found something to keep my cold sores from ruining my week!! I hope all you cold sore suffers find this product and have as good of results as me! Its the best thing I have EVER tried!! Good Luck

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    Obviously, an ice cold shower is going to get your ass up in the morning. We already talked about how they will scientifically increase your alertness, but science aside – if you have trouble getting up and pumped for the day, cold showers will change this.

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    First, cold air affects an important defense mechanism called mucus transport. The entire respiratory system is coated with a very thin mucous blanket. Cold air stimulates an increase in mucus production, but mucus (like other substances), becomes thicker in colder temperatures.

    The suggestion of a cold shower might bring forth images of hot-headed young men trying to quell wanton urges but research paints a different picture.

    Cold Never Alone Thanks A LotCold Never Alone Thanks A LotCold Never Alone Thanks A LotCold Never Alone Thanks A Lot