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    By the late 1970s, some Deadheads began to sell tie-dye T-shirts, veggie burritos, or other items at Grateful Dead concerts. This allowed many Deadheads a way to follow the band on its tours. During the early 1980s, the number of Deadheads taping shows increased, and the band created a special section for fans who wished to record the show. These tapes are still shared and circulated today via websites such as the Live Music Archive and . In the earlier days of the Grateful Dead, there were questions as to whether or not it was in the best interest of the band for fans to tape concerts. In 1982, Garcia himself was asked what he thought about it, and he replied, "When we are done with it [the concerts], they can have it." [7] The practice of taping has evolved with the digital age, and the rise of the Internet has made it extremely easy to share concerts through unofficial channels.

    In addition to the Dead concert from 1989, Meet-Up At The Movies will also include backstage footage from the first-ever Dead & Company Tour as well as an interview with GD archivist David Lemieux about the July 1978: The Complete Recordings box set. Head here to purchase tickets for the sixth annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies .

    This is a real tribute to the quality of the music played at Bickershaw as it comprises a hefty chunk of the four disc set , which had heavy competition in the form of the formidable Lyceum shows . Of course now the whole thing is available officially which just goes to show that if you can survive long enough the music industry will eventually , possibly, just might , out of the goodness of their hearts of course ( and cos they need the money ) fufill your dreams .. Hi

    Are you aware that the 16-track 'official' recordings made by the Dead of their entire 1972 Eurpean tour have now been released as part of a box set? This includes their performance at Bickershaw (confirming your set list to be correct in its omission of Deal).
    I'm still working my way through the concerts and haven't yet reached Wigan but, given the quality of the music so far and my memory of the day, I'm pretty sure it will be something special. Rhino will also release the individual concert as a stand-alone sometime soon.

    That Sunday was one of the highlights of my life. I aready loved the band but had been disappointed by their performance at the Hollywood Festival 2 years earlier. At Bickershaw they played their socks off and yes, with the 20-minute break between sets and the pauses for re-tuning (necessitated by the cold weather and the on-stage heaters), they were there for 5 hours. The new release contains 3 hours 58 minutes of music (and a little banter).


    Chris Hardman    T he recordings of Bickershaw - both the audience and sbd version -have been consistently on my most listened list since I aquired them 15 years or so ago. I listen to the show not only because it was my first Live Grateful Dead experience, but also because its one of a series of fine European shows and is typical of the Dead at one of their most potent periods. I maintain that Europe 72 was THE peak time in the early 70s .There are some great 71 and 73 shows but they don't cut it quite the same for me as the summer 72 shows and perhaps the show in Fall 72 in Oregon . Certainly the Europe bash saw the Dead became the ultimate Psychedelic/country/jazz/blues band , a strange hybrid of many musics whose vastly wide repertoire was unlike that of any other band in the world. No one else was this diverse. Bickershaw saw the Dead at damn well near their best on occasions and certainly the second part of the show is at fever pitch throughout.     H owever there are also many high points in the first set as well , including the fiesty version of Playing and a triumphant twenty minute Good Lovin' delivered by Pigpen . Its worth noting that the first set ended with the multitude (including several hundred villagers who had entered the site for free when the security goons had decamped earlier on ) grooving, bopping , flailing , drumming and singing along to the chorus of ' Casey Jones " . A truly magic ending to the first epic set.

    Grateful Dead At The Hollywood Palladium Part 1Grateful Dead At The Hollywood Palladium Part 1Grateful Dead At The Hollywood Palladium Part 1Grateful Dead At The Hollywood Palladium Part 1