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    Swing has been called "the most debated word in jazz". When jazz performer Cootie Williams was asked to define it, he joked, "Define it? I'd rather tackle Einstein's theory !" [3] When Louis Armstrong was asked on the Bing Crosby radio show what swing was, he said, "Ah, swing, well, we used to call it syncopation—then they called it ragtime, then blues—then jazz. Now, it's swing. Ha! Ha! White folks, yo'all sho is a mess." [4] Benny Goodman , the 1930s-era bandleader nicknamed the "King of Swing", called swing "free speech in music", whose most important element is "the liberty a soloist has to stand and play a chorus in the way he feels it". His contemporary Tommy Dorsey gave a more ambiguous definition when he proposed that "Swing is sweet and hot at the same time and broad enough in its creative conception to meet every challenge tomorrow may present." [3] Boogie-woogie pianist Maurice Rocco argues that the definition of swing "is just a matter of personal opinion". [3] When asked for a definition of swing, Fats Waller replied, "Lady, if you gotta ask, you'll never know." [5]

    Rhythm Machine If I Could LiveRhythm Machine If I Could LiveRhythm Machine If I Could LiveRhythm Machine If I Could Live