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    By 1964, Motown had accumulated enough British hits for EMI to release a greatest hits album, A Collection of Tamla Motown Big Hits . [1] Over the next few years, several more compilations were released, including six in the series 16 Original Big Hits . [2] In 1967, the label issued the first of the Motown Chartbusters series. Although the series comprised mainly hit singles by various Motown artists, the albums also included other recordings that had not been hits in Britain and many significant single hits were excluded from the series. Later albums in the series failed to include any of the top ten singles achieved by Stevie Wonder , or any of his releases. Minor hits were sometimes included in place of bigger hits, most notably for the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson .

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    Various Chart Busters Volume 4Various Chart Busters Volume 4Various Chart Busters Volume 4Various Chart Busters Volume 4