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    In this inaugural episode of Antisocial Commentary, Adam takes a second stab at deconstructing the emotionally rewarding twist ending and thoughtful hidden meaning of Zack Snyder ‘s unduly reviled box office disappointment Sucker Punch , both of which have gone unrecognized for too long.

    The nature of canines – wolves and dogs – is that of the family group. It is normally two dominant adults and related individuals of various ages. Usually only the two dominant adults breed, yet all members of the pack help to care for the mother and pups, bring meat back to the mother and pups, and guard the pups. Subordinate females may “baby-sit” and even help nurse the puppies. Domestic dogs do not commonly bring food back to a mother and pups but may guard a bitch during pregnancy and while she is lactating, as well as guard or watch over the puppies. Pet dogs relate to you and other family members as if they were members of the family. Ideally, your baby will be accepted by the dog as an offspring included in this family unit. In fact, dogs are more likely to protect an infant from strangers or visitors than they are to be “jealous.” Most problems that arise between a dog and child occur when the child reaches the crawling and walking stages, at about 10mths/a year or so. Nonetheless, you should be aware that there is a potential for problems occurring and insure your baby is safe. The most serious potential problem is for your dog to fail to recognize the new baby as a human being that should be included in the family unit. Obviously, a baby will not be perceived as another dog. Also, since the baby does not look, smell, or sound like a “human being” to the dog if it is not familiar with infants, the dog may interpret the baby as prey.

    Unfortunately SFSHRI gets at least 5 calls a month from expecting parents that want to give up their furry companion because they are unsure of how they will react to ...

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