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    A GPS antenna is a device designed to receive and amplify the radio signals transmitted on specific frequencies by GPS satellites and convert then to an electronic signal for use by a GPS receiver. The output of the GPS antenna is fed into a GPS receiver which can compute the position. 

    AFC manufactures radomes and radome products, satellite dish antennas , Tallguide ultra low loss waveguide, antenna feeds, microwave and waveguide components. See the ...

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    Back in 2007, the . Congress mandated a new law that required all broadcast TV stations to provide their signals in the new HDTV digital format. Now, anyone with our TV antenna can receive dozens of channels for free in HD.

    Southwest Antennas offers a variety of omni antennas from to GHz, available with many types of radiating element designs best suited for different applications. Omni antennas radiates 360° in the horizontal plane around the antenna, and peak gain is usually on the horizon.

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