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    EW revealed the cover and a preview of the early pages of the new Kick-Ass series, which will introduce Patience Lee, a black military veteran with two young kids who will put on the green-and-yellow Kick-Ass costume to fight crime in New Mexico. Take a look in the gallery below:

    Firms all over the world have grasped this opportunity, which explains why strong competition has emerged from all points of the compass. America’s “Advanced Precision-Kill Weapon System (APKWS)” is one of those efforts, but the road from obvious premise to working weapon has been slow. After numerous delays and false starts since its inception in 1996, an “APKWS-II” program finally entered System Design and Development (SDD) in 2006. In 2010, it entered low-rate production, and it was fielded to the front lines in 2012. That date will still put APKWS on the cutting edge of battlefield technology, as a leading player in a larger trend toward guided air-to-ground rockets.

    Big Boss ( ビッグ・ボス , Biggu Bosu ) is introduced in the original Metal Gear game as the Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND 's leader and Solid Snake 's commanding officer. He initially acts as a radio contact who provides Snake with information about mission objectives, as well as weapons and equipment. [3] [4] But after Snake destroys the titular TX-55 Metal Gear weapon despite Big Boss's discouragement, Outer Heaven's militia leader confronts Snake near the base's escape route in a final battle only to be defeated. [5]

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