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    Farm Style Breakfast:   You can wind up the farm unit by having a farm style breakfast.  Enlist volunteers to help you cook and serve any of the following breakfast foods:  eggs, bacon, ham, toast, biscuits, butter, grits, cheese chunks, strawberries, apple and peach slices, jams/jellies, milk, apple juice.  Of course, serve the breakfast on red/white plaid tablecloths, with white napkins, and a vase of wildflowers in the center of the table.  And everyone has to tuck their napkins in at the neck! :)
    Ana's new baby! Links:
    The Teacher's Bookbag
    http:///   New! Work on a Farm (printable) http:///TFK/class/pdfs/2005S/050304_ The Farmer in the Dell
    http://-/rhymes/farmer/ Down on the Farm
    http:///etprojects/formats/sampler/misc99/farm/ Farmer Grover
    http:///sesamestreet/games/?contentId=1140 At the Farm
    http:///sbcss/specialeducation/ecthematic/farm/ Fun Farm Activities
    http:///Heartland/Acres/8911/ The Little Farmers' Place - Agriculture for Young Children
    http:/// Farm Theme
    http:///themes/farm_ (Farm Jigsaw Puzzles)
    http:///funtime/jigsaws/ FWAG - Virtual Farm Walks
    http:///html/ Farm Unit - North Canton Schools
    http:///~greentown/ The Farm Unit
    http:///~teachered/farm/ Down at the Farm Theme
    http:///themes/ Farm Animals and Farm Theme Coloring Pages
    http://-/theme/animals/cp_ Farm Theme Unit
    http:///farm/ The Teacher's Guide Farm Lesson Plans & Theme Pages
    http:/// DLTK's Farm Animal Crafts for Kids
    http://-/animals/ Farm Animals
    http://-/nina/farm_ First Farm Animals Preschool Activities and Crafts
    http://-/theme/animals/ Farm Animal Stick Puppets
    http:///LAFarmAnimalStickPuppets- Let's Make a Farm
    http:/// Farm Animals for kids and teachers -
    http:///Farm/ Farm Animals
    http:/// Pro Teacher! Farm lesson plans for elementary school teachers in grades K-6 including dairy
    http:/// Cows & Pigs & Chickens & Such ... Debbie's Unit Factory
    http:/// Weaving Technology into Thematic Units: The Farm
    http:///technology/training/tools/elem/ Farm Animals
    http:///technology/training/tools/elem/ Farm Life
    http:///technology/training/tools/elem/ North Dakota Reading Month: "Cultivate Reading"
    http:/// Animals on the Farm
    http:///~cregier/farmanim/ Perry Elementary School Kindergarten Farm
    Farm Themed Math Pages
    http:///math/farm/ Ideas for Who Took the Farmer's Hat? by Joan L. Nodset
    http:///schools/Central_Falls/ch/heazak/ Farm Coloring Pages
    http:///cs/farmcoloring/   Mrs. Wishy Washy at The Virtual Vine http:/// Mrs. Wishy-Washy
    http:///~teachered/farm/ Mrs. Wishy Washy and The Wishy Washy Day
    http:///ca3/Sandy/ Paws for Reading (Mrs. Wishy-Washy)
    http:/// Lesson Exchange: Shared Reading: Mrs. Wishy-Washy
    http:///lessons/posts/ The Little Red Hen
    http:///~teachered/farm/ Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    http:///~teachered/farm/ Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    http:///Songs/old_macdonaldold_macdonald_had_ Old MacDonald Had a Farm: Songs for ESL Teaching
    http://-/songs/ Brooke's Sing a Song Page: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    http://-/songs/ Singing Babies Nursery Rhyme Lyrics: Old MacDonald Had A Farm
    http:/// Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    http:///schools/danville/elem/rowley/old_ Old MacDonald
    http:///caitlyn/ K-Crew's Farm Unit
    http:/// Mini-Unit on Tractors
    http:///#tractors Crazy About Cows
    http:///#crazy Mud, Mud, We Love Mud!
    http:///#mud Down on the Farm
    http:/// Animals Babies on the Farm
    http:///ss/act/ Chicken
    http:///AnimalShapes/ Clothespin Horse
    http:///abcbabysit/Projects/clothespin_ Duck
    http:///Animals/ Goat Shape Book Pattern
    http:///AnimalShapes/ All About Cows for Kids
    http:///Farm/Cows/ All About Turkeys for kids and teachers
    http:///Farm/Turkeys/ Sounds of Farm Animals
    http:///Farm/ Nursery Rhymes Coloring Pages: Old MacDonald Had a Farm
    http:///kids/ Education Center Activity: On the Farm or At the Zoo?
    http:///rdg/gen_act/barn/ Farm Phonics Activity (Online)
    http:///Farm/ Farm Worksheets for kids
    http:///Farm/ Farm Clipart
    http:///Farm/ John Deere Kids' Corner
    http:///en_US/compinfo/kidscorner/ Down on the Farm
    http:///ma/1stGrade/ House of Hugs Farm Animals Coloring Page 2
    http:///Heartland/Valley/8004/ Farm Animal Booklet
    http:///Heartland/Valley/8004/ Farm Animals Song
    http:///Farm/ Chicken Dance Song for Kids
    http:///Farm/Chicken/ Race to the Barn
    http:///~byb/ The Farmer in the Dell
    http:///kids/lyrics/ Old MacDonald Had a Farm (song)
    http:///kids/lyrics/ The Barnyard Buddies Color Me Pages
    http:///~byb/ Old MacDonald's Farm Coloring Book
    http:/// DLTK's Farm Animal Coloring Pages
    http://-/animals/ Farm Snacks
    http:///preschool_themes/farm/farm_ Vegetables - ChildFun's Food and Nutrition Themes
    http:///themes/ Make a Farm
    http:///CLA/LESSONS/ KD PC Download: Make a Farm
    http:///down/pc/ Big Dave's Cow Pages: Cow Clip Art
    http:///~dschmi1/cows/ Cow
    http:///AnimalShapes/ Wow!  It's a Cow!
    http:///brooklyn/cows/ Ducks for kids and teachers
    http:///Farm/ Make Way For Ducklings Traveling Buddy Backpack Project
    %20For%20Ducklings%20Traveling%20Buddy%20Backpack%20Project Ducks
    http:///miller/ All About Sheep for kids and teachers
    http:///Farm/Sheep/ Kid's World- General Agriculture Coloring Book (online)
    http:///cyber/kidswrld/java/ Down on the Farm Coloring Book
    http:///markets/kidstuff/dotf/ ANIMAL LANGUAGE:  A Children's Song by Duncan Wells
    http:///EnchantedForest/Cottage/5207/ Life on the Farm
    http:///sb/ Garden Activities and Themes
    http:///themes/ Fun on the Farm Unit
    http:///Athens/Aegean/2221/ Animal Coloring Pages to Print and Color
    http:///kindercolor/coloring_ Can Teach: Songs & Poems - On the Farm
    http:///elementary/ Dairy Facts!
    http:///kids/pictures/dairy/ Adam's Animal Sounds
    http:///EnchantedForest/9496/ NASS Kids Jokes
    http:///nass/nasskids/jokes/ Baa, Baa Black Sheep - Enchanted Learning
    http:///rhymes/ Baa, Baa Black Sheep at The Virtual Vine
    http:/// Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen - Enchanted Learning
    http:///rhymes/ Little Bo Peep - Rebus Rhymes
    http:///rhymes/ Little Boy Blue - Enchanted Learning Software
    http:/// Mary Had a Little Lamb - Rebus Rhymes
    http:///rhymes/ This Little Piggy - Enchanted Learning Software
    http:///rhymes/ Fun at the Farm
    http:///lessons/posts/ Farm Animals for Toddlers
    http:///books/farm/ - cows, field trips, live video of cows
    http:/// FARM
    http:///ga/prespecial/   Chicken & Egg Coloring Page
    http:///images/coloringbook/easter/l-chick- Barn
    http:///pip/ ChildFun's Animals Activity Theme
    http:///themes/ Kidz Korner Barnyard Page
    http:///EnchantedForest/Tower/9730/ Farm Animal Graphics Index
    http:///clipart/alphabet/clipart_ Early Literacy Technology Project - Farm Lesson
    http:///curriculum/littlekids/archive/lesson_ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: A Farmer Went Trotting
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Chicken
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Daisy, the Good Jersey Cow
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Farmer Brown's Cow
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Farmer in the Dell
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Had a Little Rooster
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Hinky Dinky "Double D" Farm
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Little Bo Peep
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Maggie the Cows Are in the Clover
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Making the Hay
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: My Grandma's Farm
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Old MacDonald
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Six Little Pigs
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: The Barnyard
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: The Farmer
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: The Farmyard
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: White Sheep and Black Sheep
    http:///mouseum/ KIDiddles Song Lyrics: Who Has Seen Little Boy Blue?
    http:///mouseum/ Kids Farm
    http:///   Mini Book printable http:///prodimages/sample/   Horse Coloring Pages http://-/theme/animals/cp_farm/cp_   Authur's B&W Horse Clipart http:///equines1/   Egg-cellent Chicken Ideas http:///~gbnewman/chicken_   Chicken Little - A Children's Book http:///mjloundy/   The Story of Chicken Little http:///   Rosie's Walk Story Patterns http:///   Farm Animals (printable) http:///   Barnyard Boggle (printable) http:////BarnyardBoggleGame   Farm Animal Dominoes (printable) http:////FarmAnimalDominoes   Pin the Pocket On the Farmer (printable) http:////PintheFarmerGame  
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