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    James Collins is ready but Williams wants to continue, even though he is holding his left shoulder by his side. This is incredible courage, and possibly foolish.

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    In "What's wrong with the right whale?" The journalist Sharon Levy reports on of the continuing decline of this species in the North Atlantic.

    Fewer than 325 remain on the west side of the Atlantic and a recent study predicts that they will become extinct there within 200 years.

    Two major factors seem to be involved: firstly, ship collisions - 16 are known to have died as a result of ship collisions since 1970 - and low fertility.

    The vulnerability of the slow moving animals to the vessels in the busy shipping lanes in which there are found is easier to comprehend than why their fertility should be being adversely affected. Nonetheless, their calving interval has risen from about three years in the 1980s to more than five years in the 1990s.

    Three explanations are considered: they could have fallen into a "genetic trap"; their fertility may be directly affected by pollution; there may not be enough food to support a larger population; or some combination of all three.

    The population is now so small, that all the reproductively active adults are somewhat related, and this may cause an increased incidence of miscarriage - the "genetic trap" theory. The whales in the North Atlantic are also exposed to relatively high levels of pollution by chemicals that are known to affect the health and reproduction of other species. There is also evidence that the Northern Right Whales have reduced blubber layers. This, and studies of the food chain, have led researchers to conclude that the carrying capacity of the sea areas where the right whales are found is lower than it was historically. A number of factors - including global warming and marine pollution - could affect their planctonic prey.

    New Scientist 6th November 1999.

    WDCS notes that the Northern Right whale is probably already extinct in Europe, the last sighting was close to the Faroes several years ago.

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    Italian Renaissance art showed maritime scenes when required, but apart from the Venetian artist Vittore Carpaccio there were few artists in this or the next century who often returned to such scenes, or did so with special sensitivity. Carpaccio's scenes show Venetian canals or docksides; there are several arrivals and departures in his Legend of Saint Ursula . In the German-speaking lands, Konrad Witz 's Miraculous Draught of Fishes (1444) is both the first landscape painting to show a recognisable rural location, and an atmospheric view across Lake Geneva .

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